Best Massage In Town
Acupressure Reflexology
Welcome to Best Massage In Town

1-Hour Session "$60"   "SUNDAY by appointment "

We offer one hour massage for 60 dollars.

1) 40 minute full body and 20 minute foot massage
2) 60 minute full body massage
3) 60 minute foot massage $40.00

We put hot stones on the massage table where you lie on. These hot stones improve your blood circulation, increase your metablolism, and improve immune system.

We also offer different types of massages. Simply choose one of the options.

1) Acupressure
3) Relaxation

Happy Hour (Mon-Thur, 10am-1pm) only "$48"
Buy '10' coupons, Get '3' FREE (1-hour session only $46)
Buy '5' coupons, Get '1' FREE (1-hour session only $50)

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